John Harrod Music

Johnny Come Along

June Appal Recordings

Musicians: John Harrod: Fiddle, Vocals; Tona Barkley: Guitar; Earl Thomas Jr.: Banjo; Jesse Wells: Banjo

Track Listing: Everybody’s Favorite/Earl Thomas’ Boatin’ up Sandy/The Roosian Rabbit/Granny Went to Meeting/Little Boy Working on the Road/The O&k Train Song/Manassas/Shoe Heels Cracking on the Floor/Israel Gap/Owl Hoot/Man Eater/Hickory Jack/Johnny Come Along/Black Jack/Wild Hog in the Red Brush/Swing Your Object Partner/The Greenup Piece/Rats Gone to Rest/Gallynippers/George Hawkins’ Boatin’ up Sandy/Bye and Bye/Martha Campbell